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About the blog: 

Hello! I am a blog that was started in December 2015 which is run by Hannah. We officially underwent a name charge in early September of 2016, so you may know us as Ninjas Read Too. (Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that ninjas don’t read anymore.)

Together, we post reviews on mainly YA novels, and possibly the occasional adult/children’s book that peaks Hannah’s curiousity. She writes the reviews and I help to get them up on here for you all to read. She doesn’t know how often she’ll be posting here but she’ll try! Stick around for reviews, rambles and random posts on Hannah’s life. I guess this would be a lifestyle and literary blog if I had to categorise it.

We operate on a no-spoilers policy but there may be spoilers for the previous book if it’s a sequel. I make sure to remind Hannah to include a warning if there are any spoilers, however minor are included.

About the blogger:

Helloooooooooooo! I’m so happy you’re here!

My name is Hannah and I am a 16 year old girl in the U.K. and I can be very childish sometimes… *scratches neck* I had this urge to start a blog and I had planned to start in 2017 but things don’t always turn out according to plan…So here I am! I find it hard to choose a favourite author but if I must say, my favourite out of favourite authors are Sarah J. Maas, Leigh Bardugo and Derek Landy.

Favourite Things

I enjoy star-gazing, playing with paints (some people call it painting, but that sounds like I know what I’m doing) and shopping for books/merchandise. I also cannot live without music and wherever I go, I bring a pair of earphones with me.

I also love origami and often, my little creations get misplaced and can find themselves in the oddest of places 😉 I love anime, and my tops are, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Tokyo Ghoul and Elfen Lied. Let’s not forget Detective Conan too. Of course, I’m not even talking about movies here, if we were to list movies as well, then that would take all day. We have all day, right? (We do.) Then my favourite anime movies are, Arrietty, Spirited Away, Laputa Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke. I think I might also quite like Howl’s Moving Castle too, but shhh don’t tell my friend that, or otherwise I won’t be able to live it down.

I am also an affiliate of Amazon and I would be delighted if you used my links to do your shopping! It means that I get a tiny amount of pay to fuel to my book buying habits. That would mean that I would be able to buy more books and write more posts! 🙂

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  1. Firstly, Hannah my friend, Howl’s Moving Castle is one of the best Ghibli movies and your other friends can fight me if they don’t agree; but more importantly, do you have a Goodreads account? I would love to chat more on there about book con domination and the rest of the Ghibli movies, as well as question how SJM is real and how #blessed we are to live in the same time period as her. My URL is https://www.goodreads.com/dianaprincereviews!

  2. Hehe I remember not liking it that much at first and my friend had forced me to watch. I can’t tell her I like to her face now because she’ll scream and jump too much… And I would die…


  3. this is such a cool review blog! i’m always looking for new books to read so i have to say i think i’m going to be a faithful follower of this blog for quite some time. xxx abi

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