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My name is Hannah and I am a 16 year old girl in the U.K. and I can be very childish sometimes… *scratches neck*

I started this blog back in 2015 under a different name. Back then it was a solely a book blog. Now it’s more of a place for me to get my thoughts down, and share my travels and fun times with other people.

Anyways, a few things about me…


I am currently studying my A-Levels and I am doing Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology. After all of this, I’m hoping to get into medical school, and then get a degree which allows me to legally and educatedly cut people open on tables. (I’m joking. I’m more interested in rushing around the emergency room, and pretending I know what I’m doing.)

I’ve been known to be reckless, and impulsive and can often be found in my classes tasting random chemicals the teachers hands us (and being sick later) or even dyeing my hands a dark orange (much to the amusement of my fellow students).

In my spare time when I’m not doing any of the things listed above, I like to read, and occasionally break my paints out and have a go at this thing called “painting.” It often results in a lot of mess, and some kind of variation of the same theme. (I rarely share my art with people as a lot of it feels too personal.)

I am also an affiliate of Amazon and I would be much obliged if you used my links to do your shopping 😀 It means I get a little bit of money at no extra cost to you. This would help fund my adventures, which would help me continue to generate content for this blog. *^*/

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  1. Firstly, Hannah my friend, Howl’s Moving Castle is one of the best Ghibli movies and your other friends can fight me if they don’t agree; but more importantly, do you have a Goodreads account? I would love to chat more on there about book con domination and the rest of the Ghibli movies, as well as question how SJM is real and how #blessed we are to live in the same time period as her. My URL is https://www.goodreads.com/dianaprincereviews!

  2. Hehe I remember not liking it that much at first and my friend had forced me to watch. I can’t tell her I like to her face now because she’ll scream and jump too much… And I would die…


  3. this is such a cool review blog! i’m always looking for new books to read so i have to say i think i’m going to be a faithful follower of this blog for quite some time. xxx abi

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