Welcome to a ‘perfect’ world.

Where war is illegal, where harmony rules.

And where your date of birth marks your destiny.

But nothing is perfect.

And in a world this broken, who can Amity trust?

Title: Broken Sky

Author: L. A. Weatherly

Publication Date: 1st March 2016

Series: Yes! It’s the first book in L. A. Weatherly’s “Broken” trilogy.

The blurb really doesn’t tell you much. If anything. I walked into this world with practically no knowledge of it, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. You can choose to do the same as me or you can skip this part.

So basically, the novel follows Amity, a peacefighter. (LOL I spelt that as “peachfighter” before I edited it.) Whenever some big deal is proposed, a peacefighter (I did it again) from both countries fight in planes, and the deal is settled by the outcome. The fight isn’t to the death. It’s just fighting until one the pilots bail.

This all sounds good but, come on. Nothing is perfect. Look at communism. Theoretically it works, but because of human greed, it doesn’t.

The Characters:

Amity is strong, intelligent and has good intentions. She doesn’t break down under pressure. She doesn’t hide when things become well, fucked up. She fights. The book doesn’t make her out to be some gorgeous thing with about 10 guys fighting over her – who, by the way, also happen to be hot. No. She’s normal. She wasn’t born with magical abilities, or with special blood. She’s normal. She’s refreshing. The author doesn’t portray her as being good at everything. Amity felt real. Her emotions, her thoughts, her feelings, they all made Amity seem like a real human being with real struggles. Amity isn’t trying to single-handedly take down the government. That was never her intention. She’s just a girl that has found out some bad things and now everyone wants her dead. She’s badass without being the stereotypical “badass.”

The male antagonist, Collie, again, is a mixture of the typical YA hero. He isn’t brooding. But he does have those pretty eyes that make every girl swoon, those same muscles, and that same tortured past that immediately leads us to sympathise with him. No spoilers here but you’ll have to read it to find why he’s so different. He’s not a Jace. He’s not a Four. He’s very unique. Like, very…

What I love most about the characters in this book must be 1) How unique they all are! and 2) They all play a part. I mean, you get the waiter that really plays no part apart from serve drinks and the friend in the locker room that only exists to talk, but aside from the “background noise”, all other characters are active. Unlike some books that have only 2 characters that do anything real, this book is written so that every character that matters, actually sets events in place. Am I even making sense?

Oh yes and there’s also alternating point of views in the book. It alternates between Amity, and another girl called Kay. Kay is an astrologer that doesn’t actually believe in astrology. She pretends she does and everything she does is for survival – making her slightly ruthless at times. There isn’t much focus on Kay and her parts in the book are limited but that’s to be expected: she isn’t a main character. It’s really interesting how L. A. Weatherly writes Kay and Amity. They live so far away from each other, and may never meet, but I love how their lives are so intertwined with each other.

The Plot:

L. A. Weatherly rewrote history. The book is set in the 1940s, but everything that has happened in our world leading up to that time didn’t happen. They didn’t get world wars in the 1900s. It’s all different.

The plot was gripping. The amount of twists here and there was unpredictable and unreal. Things fly at you out of nowhere and smash you in the face. Thanks Lee.

Nothing feels reused. The concepts are completely new. At first, I thought astrology thrown in would be really weird, but as I read it, I realised how important it was to the book. Lee doesn’t promote astrology. In my opinion, she exposes it and shows that it’s a load of made up stuff.

The romance between Amity and Collie is a good balance. It isn’t too light, but neither is it too tense with random male characters popping out to snatch Amity away. There’s no love triangle in the way of the plot and I’m glad of that. It’s a bit of an added embellishment but it really does add to the plot after some thinking.

Some may think it’s really slow at the beginning, and I’m not sure how much I agree. It does take a while for the big things to start coming and punch you in the face I guess, but nothing feels dragged out. It sucked me in right away.

Basically…the plot is well thought out and I NEED THE SECOND BOOK NOW. It ends on a massive cliffhanger/revelation, and it just leaves you wanting for more.

The Writing:

The writing style is fantastic, and there is a perfect mix of gripping action and emotions. The amount of mystery in it as well! O.O AHHHHHH! The book starts out in a way that immediately sucked me in. Ahem. Like this.


The book occasionally slips into Kay’s point of view and shows us how things are going with the government from the inside. This adds to the tension as we, the readers wait for things to blow up and we mentally scream at the characters that THEY’RE GONNA MAKE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THEIR LIVES.

The writing has a noir feel to it. That and you can feel the setting – 1940s America. It has so many elements from that era in it yet the way things are, it’s different. Sexism doesn’t seem to be a thing, and neither is racism. (Though as I say this, I must add, it lacks diversity.)

The book starts out in the present day in the prologue which is interesting. Most of the book explores the recent past and how Amity came to be in her position now. The last few chapters then go back to the present day and BOOM! It all hits you, you remember and you start freaking out for Amity.

The Conclusion:

I try to be really critical of what I read, but I honestly couldn’t find much fault with this book. It has a brilliant plot, with brilliant characters created to execute it. The amount of unexpected turns in this book was crazy and left me gasping for air. Literally. Everytime. Everytime something hit me, I left me staring, gasping and trying to digest the information.

Everything about this book felt unique and I can’t really find a fault. (I almost made a “The Fault In Our Stars” pun.)  Each character is complex, well thought out and have their own story to tell. It’s a must-read for 2016!!!! I can’t write a review properly. I’m still hungover.

So here’s my review in 6 words:



  • Unlike anything I’ve ever read
  • No love triangle
  • Each character is complex



Rating: 5 Stars – See my rating system.

Owned: YES! So glad I own it!!! I won a giveaway from Maximum Pop! Books on Twitter.

Buy your own copy on Amazon here!

Recommended for: Those that enjoyed the Divergent series or the Hunger Games series, those looking for something unique, those that enjoy dark books with corrupt authority. And people who like mystery and hate sleep. AND WELL, BASICALLY EVERYBODY.

That’s my review done! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S OVER ALREADY. It’s been a massive rollercoaster and it’s left me gasping for breath. The next book is out in October so 5 more months of waiting!!!! I’m dying. Have you read this book?

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