Darkness followsWelcome to Harmony Five: where the rebellious and the Discordant are broken.

The rules are simple here: Obedience or Death.

But in a world this dark, what has Amity got to lose?

Title: Darkness Follows

Author: L. A. Weatherly

Publication Date: 1st October 2016

Series: YES! It’s the second book in the Broken Sky trilogy.

SO I APOLOGISE IN ADVANCE IF I SCREAM IN YOUR FACE – I’VE WAITED ON THIS BOOK FOR SO LONG, THAT I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO ONCE I HAD IT. Thank you so much Usborne for sending me this copy!!! I literally squealled and hugged it when I opened the package! After that, I couldn’t even bring myself to read it. HAHAHAHAHA WHAT AM I DOING? I WAITED FOR YOU FOR HALF A YEAR, AND NOW I CAN’T EVEN PICK YOU UP WITHOUT FEELING TERRIFIED?

Warning: This review contains major spoilers for the first book as it is not intended for people that haven’t read Broken Sky yet… READ THAT ONE FIRST.

The Characters:

SO YOU REMEMBER COLLIE RIGHT? That precious precious boy, that everyone grows to love, and then suddenly, on the last page, he tears your heart out. I was TERRIFIED of reading Darkness Follows, because I didn’t want to see what Collie would be doing. IS HE GONNA REDEEM HIMSELF? WHAT IS HE EVEN DOING?

Anyways, main character. Amity Vancour. WHY ARE YOU SO STRONG? Amity is definitely one of my favourite female heroines because of her strength, her intelligence and her kindness. She isn’t one of those kickass female heroines with swords strapped to their back (though she WILL kick your ass if you give her grief) yet that doesn’t make her any less strong. I feel like Amity has changed since the first book: newfound knowledge and haunting experiences have definitely shaped Amity. Who deserves cake? Amity.

The characters in this series have so much history, and Darkness Follows shows you more of their past.

The Plot:

This book starts off with Amity going on trial and ending up in a concentration camp. YOU can find the rest out yourself because YOU NEED TO READ IT.

The plot IS AS GOOD AS THE FIRST. It’s been ages since I was hooked on like this. I didn’t do any homework for 2 days because all I did was read. I COULDN’T STOP, OKAY? (I told myself “only 10 more pages” about 20 times and all that did was make me read half the book in one sitting, and then I mentally smacked myself for doing it.)

It was quick paced, full of suspense and I literally could not stop reading. Probably not a good thing if you have maths class the next morning but OH WELL.

I loved seeing how a group of people (the Resistance) were planning to overthrow the president. I loved seeing Collie and what he was doing. I LOVED seeing how Amity was dealing with everything around her in chaos.

The Writing:

The writing was gripping and just plain brilliant: not once did I get bored or even FAINTLY feel like putting it down.

Unlike the first book, Kay’s point of view is not shown but she still makes many appearances as Gunnison’s chief astrogloger and therefore, villain. Instead, this book veers from talking about the present, to retelling the story of what happened straight after the first book – essentially filling in that time gap. This was extremely well done, as it was ALWAYS left at a cliffhanger. So therefore you constantly have a cliffhanger somewhere and YOU DON’T KNOW WHETHER TO CURSE THE AUTHOR FOR IT OR NOT.

The Conclusion:

L. A. Weatherly did NOT disappoint. (Actually the book felt too short but that’s just me not wanting it to end.) The book truly was gripping, and I never ever wanted to put it down. The characters felt so real, and none of them were special butterflies that were predestined to save the whole damn world. The characters were amazing, and I loved hearing their stories. What’s different about Darkness Follows compared to Broken Sky, was the amount of twists. You may remember those killer twists that left you broken and screaming in Book 1, but in this book, there’s a lot less of them, and it was quite a breather really. The theme is kinda different: the first book emphasises “Trust No One” and this one talks of love more. And not just romantic eros love either. So yeah, it’s different, but I liked the different themes AND CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE.


  • Strong female character without being ultra kicky
  • Amazing character development
  • Gripping plot that will leave you sleep deprived



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Rating: 5 Stars – See my rating system.


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Recommended for: Those that read Broken Sky, those that want a gripping read, and everyone that likes dystopian books or books where the main character basically ruins the “perfect” world AND MAKES IT SO EXCITING.

Are you going to read this when it comes out? Have you even read the first book yet? BECAUSE IF YOU HAVEN’T, THEN MAJOR SPOILERS FOR YOU HERE AND YOU SHOULDN’T BE HERE AND IT MAY ALREADY BE TOO LATE.

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