Adriana once again finds herself on the verge of another coronation, but this time as Sebastian Dalman’s demon queen. Disguised as her protector for five years, he had guarded her closely as the head of her guard while keeping his identity hidden from everyone, including her. Now, Sebastian has claimed back what was rightfully his, the demon scepter and his betrothed—Adriana. But in a land of demons, secrets dwell deep and they have a nasty habit of revealing themselves.

Title: Demon  Queen

Author: Kassandra Lynn

Publication Date: 2nd April 2016

Series: Yes! It’s the third and final book of the Demon Kingdom Fairytales series.

Continuing on from the second book, Demon Queen follows Demon Princess Adriana. Fun times guaranteed. Let’s see what she’s like now…

If you haven’t read the first two books, then seriously…WHAT THE HELL YOU DOING HERE?

The Characters:

Adriana. I seriously can’t decide what’s up with you. I get that you’re conflicted between duty and love but can YOU FOR ONE MINUTE STOP CRYING? Stop being selfish and annoying. STOP CRYING. Her princess attitude and her need for all things luxurious and glittery has gone now. HIP HIP HOORAY FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. But you’re still weak.

SEBASTIAN. SEBBY. I liked you more when you were a princess guard. I don’t like you anymore. Nearly all the other characters in the book seem to blur a bit. Keldrin stands out of course. Because alllllll princesses need to have that ultra kind-hearted, gorgeuous, noble, stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb guy to save them…Keldrin stood out clearly from the other characters because he’s well…the love interest.

The characters are so inconsistent. Like. What. One minute they think left and the next, they think right. (Don’t take me literally there. This ain’t a book about walking in the supermarket.)

Basically…No one felt real.

The Plot:

Since this is the last book, things obviously had to wrap up so that means….that this book was different from the others…Finally, things get going.

At times, there’s random drama that pops out of nowhere. Sometimes, I enjoyed them and couldn’t stop reading, other times…Well… This happened:


Problems came (obviously) and they needed to be solved. (Obviously. Why am I being Captain Obvious today?) Problems were solved on the same page. If not, then the next page. Like this:

“There’s a problem. Oh. Please?”




“Pretty please?”


“But I’m brilliant and everyone loves me, and you exist to solve my problem. I’m the main character here. So…help?”


Not that exciting…Even when, say…every single person died around the characters because someting happened, the characters are all fine…Eh? Not even a broken bone?…Oh…I see…It’d have been more interesting if someone died you know.

The ending was too neat. Like. Too neat. Is neat even the word for it? Kassandra Lynn gave everyone the ending they wanted and so it was pretty and cute and happy and you know, those kinda things. Not a bad thing you know.

Except I like to cry and mope around for days after I finish a book. The ending wasn’t very powerful and did not leave me confined to bed with a tub of ice cream.

The Writing:

The writing at times, was GREAT. LIKE: YES!

Other times…Mmmmmm….Not so great…

It flowed. It was generally quite concise. No time was wasted on the pretty smells of Spring or the pretty stars. During some scenes, at times, I was struck. Not by the writing. (Though the writing helped.) But by the events.

Kassandra Lynn really brought out some of the horrors of some events and I was left thinking, “Noooooooo.” ;-;

My BIGGEST problem I have with this book is with part of the writing. How do you cry into your own shoulder???? And if you just jumped out of a carriage, holding a body, how did you hold your sceptre?? If they were across the room, then how did they suddenly touch you???? SOMEBODY, HELP ME.

The Conclusion:

It’s fun, cute, short, and happy. Some characters get annoying though. The plot is good and there are some twists here and there. The book kept me going even though I was sooooooo confused at times. Something I would read if I was bored, didn’t want to critique and didn’t want a novel. It’s a short book, being less than 200 pages.


  • Short, fun read


  • Confusing Narrative
  • Almost annoying characters

Rating: 2 Stars – See my rating system.

Owned: Yes. The author kindly provided a copy for review purposes.

Buy your own copy on Amazon here!

Recommended for: People that want a short read.

That’s another trilogy finished! Think you’ll read this one?

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