HELLOOOOOOOO! So basically this post is my post for YA Shot, and I got to interview the author, Alex Campbell!!! *shoots fireworks into the sky* And basically… I got to ask the author about ice cream and cake and I feel like I’ve accomplished something in life. *happy sighs*

Anyways…. without further ado… *drumrolls* LET ME PRESENT


Hello Alex! It’s sooooooo great to have you here today! Can you tell us a bit about the books you’ve written?

Hello Hannah! Of course I can. LAND was published a couple of years ago, and CLOUD 9 came out just last year. LAND’s a dystopian thriller and CLOUD 9’s about this harmless happy pill that society’s hooked on.

Ooooh they sound so interesting! I’m definitely checking them out later! How about now? Are you working on anything at the moment?

Thank you! Yes, I’m working on my third YA novel, another thriller, but contemporary this time. Along with an MG novel that I’ve been thinking about for a while…

Any ideas when they’ll be released? And are we allowed to know what they’re about yet, or is it all top secret? 😀

No release date as yet. The YA does murder and how adults don’t know it all and the MG goes zombie hunting!

NOW THAT’S MY TYPE OF BOOK!!! How do you like to write? Is there anything you definitely need with you while you write?

Cuppa tea. Always a cup of tea. I come up with ideas and scenes with old-fashioned paper and pen. Nothing like a notebook to help you imagine. I make sure I always have one on me. And then when I’m ready I get typing away on the ole laptop. Besides the cup of tea, I always like to have either peace and quiet or the company of strangers!

What inspires you to write? Are there any books or writers that have influenced your work?

Other people, history, new places, old emotions…there’s so much I find inspires me. Often it’s the small things that spark big ideas. And yes, loads and loads of other writers. I always find it hard to pick a few. But in my teens it would have to be J.D.Salinger. Now it’s everything from Patrick Ness to Patricia Highsmith.

Oh wow – that’s really interesting! What else do you do when you’re not writing?

I buy notebooks! I also teach creative writing at the fabulous Golden Egg Academy – the go-to if you want to get published in YA/children’s! And I do a spot of copywriting also. As long as it involves reading or writing (or buying notebooks) I do it!

BUYING NOTEBOOKS! Definitely something we have in common there *laughs* Did you always like English at school then?

We should compare some time! And no, not really! I loved creative writing and there was never enough of that in English at school. I hear there’s even less now. I preferred History as there were lots more stories there. It’s always been about stories!

We should!

AND NOW… time for my favourite questions! *evil laughs*

Which 5 fictional characters would you want in your apocalypse squad?

Loving the evil-laughter questions. 5 fictional characters – I think I’d choose Lyra Silvertongue, Ponyboy Curtis, Maggie Tulliver, Holden Caulfield, and, of course, Gandalf.

Cake or ice cream? (No secret to everyone out there that I love them.)

I need both ice cream, and cake together. We’re talking salted caramel with hot choc fudge cake.

If you could transform into any animal for a day, which would it be?

Animal? Bear. Always, bear.

And finally, to wrap up our interview, what would advice would you give to aspiring authors out there?

There’s always so much great advice out there. I’d say to find and take note of said advice, but most of all nurture your own instinct. Writing a novel can sometimes feel like finding your way out of a dark room – you need to develop your second sight to find the exit. Believe in yourself – only you will write the story you write, so make it special to you.

alex campbell

Alex Campbell is author of Carnegie-nominated LAND and CLOUD 9, both published by Hot Key Books, and is currently working on her third novel. But before that came a decade of writing novels, pitching them, getting rejected . . . many, many, oh-so many times getting rejected. . . , acquiring agents, undertaking publisher rounds, and . . . starting the cycle all over again.
After a nomadic existence from birth, she now considers herself settled, near Bath, where her life outside of writing – if there is one? – involves working as a relationship counsellor, copywriter, and creative writing tutor; playing parent to two children; and aiming to be the world’s expert at daydreaming, cinema-going, and notebook-collecting.
Follow Alex on Twitter: @ACampbellWrites

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