SOOOOO GUYS GUYS GUYS – ONE OF MY MOST ANTICIPATED RELEASES OF THE YEAR, DARKNESS FOLLOWS IS OUT!!! *twirls around the room* In case you’ve missed my previous HIGHLY informative shrieks and screams, Darkness Follows is the sequel to Broken Sky which came out earlier this year.

And To celebrate this glorioooooouuuus day, I’ve teamed up with the glorious people of Usborne and the glorious Lee to bring you this interview! (Less of an interview, more of an excited bombardment of questions.)

Heyyyyyyyy Lee! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! So now that you Darkness Follows is released and you’ve finished writing Black Moon, what’s next? Have you got anything planned?

Hello Hannah! Thanks for taking the time to do it!

Oh, I’d LOVE to be able to say, “Yep, Black Moon’s all finished, I can kick back and think about the next thing now!”… only, not quite. I’m still doing final rewrites for Moon, and then I’ll be busy with copyedits and proofs until mid-December.

I do have some thoughts about What Next, though, and have had an exciting chat with Usborne about it. The concept’s at a fledgling stage, so I’m not really ready to talk about it yet. *mysterious* But it’ll be another big, epic thing, possibly alternate historical. With a romance. Because I like romance.

What was the hardest part in writing the Broken Sky trilogy?

Writing book three, without a doubt. The third books of trilogies are kind of difficult anyway – tying up all those loose ends – but I had a lot of real-life stuff going on too, which made it even trickier. It was such a relief to finally get a draft in place. I might have jumped around a lot and had champagne when I finally hit ‘send’!

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I love to cook and go for walks. Though not at the same time, because that would be silly. And READ. I read voraciously.

But my husband and I are about to buy an old Victorian house that needs fixing up, so soon the only answer to this will be “DIY. Lots and lots of DIY.”

When you write, how do you like to do it?

When I’m first developing an idea, I sometimes take notes by hand (I love notebooks; I can’t pass by a Paperchase without buying a few!). But mostly I work on computer. I’m a fast typist, so I type all my ideas out – pages and pages of them as I plan a new story. I also usually start a private Pinterest page and collect images that inspire me for it – what characters look like, locations, etc. I’m a very visual person, so I find this a really powerful way to develop a story and get ideas for it. Sometimes I create playlists too, to keep me in the mood of the story even when I’m not working on it.

When it comes to the actual writing, it’s always on computer. I love the ease with which you can make changes. I keep trying to get to grips with Scrivener – I think it would really suit me – but haven’t had the time yet to figure it out.

I have a home office that I write in, and try to hit word count deadlines every day. Oh, and I have to have my special coffee mug. That’s probably the most important thing. (I’m not even kidding!)

And I’ve always wondered this! What does the A in “L. A. Weatherly” stand for?


No, actually it’s Ann. But wouldn’t Arabesque be cool?

If you could make a teleport from your room to anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I think probably my sister’s house in the USA. We don’t see each other enough!

Which 5 fictional characters would you want in your apocalypse team? Any from your own books?

LOL, I do have a habit of destroying the world in my books, so I’d want to take at least some of my characters along…because they’re completely used to this kind of thing and they’d be AWESOME.

I’d take:

  • Alex from the Angel series. He’s a good shot and insanely competent at everything he does.
  • Amity from the Broken series. She’s a pilot and seriously kick-ass in her own right.
  • Willow from Angel. She’s psychic and can hot-wire cars, and her half-angel powers are sure to come in handy.
  • Katniss from The Hunger Games, because you’d just kind of have to.
  • And Harry Potter, because who wouldn’t want a brilliant wizard on your side in an apocalypse?

If you could live in any fictional world, which would it be?

Ooh, I’d love to live in Zoë Marriott’s ‘The Moonlit Lands’ – it’s a Japanese-inspired world which is just gorgeous. So lush and evocative and magical. If you haven’t read Shadows on the Moon and Barefoot on the Wind, you must!

And lastly, to finish off with, what advice would you give to budding authors out there?

Write with passion. Be aware of the market but don’t be a slave to it. Write what you’d most like to read. And don’t give up.

Thanks for the fab questions, Hannah! It’s been a pleasure.

laweatherlyL. A. Weatherly is the author of the bestselling Angel series, as well as almost 50 other books for children and teenagers. She’s originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and lives in Hampshire, England with her husband. Her books have been translated into over 10 different languages.

And on top of this fabulous interview, Broken Sky, the first book in the trilogy is going to be the YA offering on iBooks from the 3rd – 10th October! *gasps* What does this mean?

It means that you should download it right now (like, RIGHT NOW), marathon it, scream, and then read Darkness Follows. After that, you and I can both shriek about it, and then curl up in a sad little ball while we wait for Black Moon to come out in March 2017.

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