So you see my rating system? Do you ever like, not get it? (Because I don’t sometimes and this post is for me in disguise.) Or like, you need an illustration?

WELL HERE YOU GO BECAUSE I’VE PUT TOGETHER A GIF POST JUST FOR YOU! 😀 (Well actually…I just wanted an excuse to overload a post with gifs…But YA’LL LOVE ME ANYWAY-)

5 Stars


Perfection is the only word for it.cray excited gifAnd sometimes, when I run out of words… the only way I can express myself is by screaming and jumping around like this and hope you understand what I mean.

4 Stars

b b

*happy sigh*


And then after I’ve processed things a bit…I proceed to scream about this book to the whole world.

3 Stars


No words… Just… myeeeh

2 Stars

finger says no

Uh-uh no


Don’t really recommend it…Proceed with caution.

1 Star


What is this???


Seriously, take my advice. No.

So that’s it. That’s my goooooorgeous (slightly savage) rating system. In GIFs. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have fun searching for GIFs and saying it’s all for a good reason, and therefore productive hehe

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