paperbacls vs hardacks

So in the world there exists 2 types of books – paperbacks and hardbacks. (We do not talk about those disgusting, atrocious, ugly, horrid, accursed [you get my point] things that call themselves “ebooks.” Seriously get them out of my face.)

Today I’m going to talk about the pros and cons of these 2 different formats.




  • These come with a removable protective dust jacket
  • With many books, the hardbacks are often released first, so if you don’t buy it, you’re forced to wait a little longer
  • Let’s face it, the rounded spines and the way it can look gorgeous with and without the jacket makes them strangely appealing to us
  • They’re supposded to last longer but we’ll discuss this later


  • They’re heavy, and you’ll probably get the workout of your life just by holding and reading them
  • They’re quite a bit more expensive, and with the extra money you have to dish out on one hardback, you could get another paperback
  • They do get damaged pretty easily. The corners often get crushed and with my own hardbacks, I’ve found that storing them upright leads to a flattened bottom instead of the nice rounded one they should have. (OMG I JUST READ THAT AGAIN AND IT SOUNDS SO WRONG-)

I don’t own many hardbacks, but I store all mine on their side to avoid damage. Also, I’m terrified of reading them because they seem to get dirty easily without the dust jacket, but if I leave it on, the JACKET gets damaged. *frustrated sigh*

Oh and something to remember: the way it’s bound. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure I read an article somewhere aaaaages ago about this.)

The way most hardcovers are bound today is basically glueing. Not sewing. Making them essentially the same paperbacks in terms of durability. (It all depends on how you treat them really. Just don’t use books as speed bumps please.) Now I say most because there are still some books out there are sewn together. “Section sewn” hardbacks which are basically the most securely bound, are the only hardbacks I buy. (Unless the book is a gorgeous limited edition or just gorgeous in general, then I seriously can’t help myself.) Aside from the KonMari handbooks, I’ve only seen these kind of hardbacks as artbooks. I know from experience this, because whenever I borrowed a hardback from the library, I’d find pages falling out.


White Covers


  • Cheaper than hardbacks
  • Extremely portable and easy to carry around
  • Smaller so you can fit more on a shelf
  • They still look good to be honest


  • Sometimes they get released later than the hardbacks
  • Depending on how you treat your books, they may get damaged more easily

Personally I’ve never had any of my books suffer major damage while in bags or in backpacks. (But that’s probably down to the fact that I take extra care when packing my books so that nothing that’s not flat or soft gets pressed against it. This means that even the flat of my covers won’t get dented or pressed-in bumps. Yes I am protective of my books. THAT’S WHAT I DO OK? LEAVE ME ALONE. DON’T JUDGE ME.)

The Conclusion

Basically, whenever I go shopping for books (which is too often) every part of me immediately looks at paperbacks. Hardabacks just get damaged way too easily and I CANNOT STAND MY BOOKS BEING ANYTHING BUT PRISTINE. (If I lend you a book [a miracle in itself] and you return it to me WITH A BROKEN SPINE… Be warned, I WILL turn up at your door with broomsticks and rakes, and an angry mob.)

And all bookworms seriously have bank problems. (I mean seriously, we can’t help buying 5812 books everytime we walk into a bookshop or when we see something that’s DEAD CHEAP.) And since I don’t actually work yet, I CAN’T AFFORD HARDBACKS.

So my point is, I would personally choose paperbacks over hardbacks, unless the hardback looks LOADS better or has an extra story.

But anyways, this is me. I’ve presented the arguements for both formats. Are there any arguements I’ve missed? And which format do you normally go for?

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    1. Ahhhh that’s so strange! I’ve never had a paperback tear XD You’re gonna get some SERIOUS bookworm muscles with all that weight training XD ?

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