Can the best thing happen at the worst time?

Her dad went crazy. Her mom left town. She has bills to pay and a little sister to look after. Now is not the time for level-headed seventeen-year-old Lucille to fall in love. But love—messy, inconvenient love—is what she’s about to experience when she falls for Digby Jones, her best friend’s brother. With blazing longing that builds to a fever pitch, Estelle Laure’s soulful debut will keep readers hooked and hoping until the very last page.

Title: This Raging Light

Author: Estelle Laure

Publication Date: 7th January 2016

Series: Not sure, I don’t think so.

I genuinely had high expectations of this book. It’s the type of thing I’d have read at 10 (Jacqueline Wilson). I loved her books, still do but she seemed to be reusing the same formula for each of them. I read this in 1 sitting lol

The Characters:

There’s really not much character development anywhere. The characters are as simple as they seem, aside from maybe Fred, but you’ll have to see yourself. There’s an awkward relationship between Lucille and Digby and I thought it’d be one of those typical YA relationships where boy meets girl and they can’t be together but oh they try! Well, it is that. But. It’s written terribly. It’s as cheesy as hell. Wren is a genius kid that’s depressed. I find this somewhat realistic as genius kids do develop mentally/emotionally quicker than they should and they understand what’s going on around them.

The Plot:

This book follows a 17 year old girl that’s been left alone to deal with everything with her 9 year old sister, Wren. She’s trying to keep everything a secret for fear of social workers. There’s not much a plot. It’s just like a diary of the teen’s thoughts. There’s no structure to it.

The Writing:

Oh I’ve been waiting to get into this. I feel quite mixed about this. Estelle Laure writes strangely. The book is read quietly and it’s like seeing into the mind of Lucille. It’s like a diary. Some parts are harder to read especially the beginning when you’re just getting used to her style. It’s not my type of style and I probably won’t be reading any more of her books in the future. BUT I do have to say that the way she writes the story conveys Lucille’s feelings well.

The Conclusion:

It may be something I would read to feel like I was 10 again but I would probably choose Jacqueline Wilson over this. It was slightly disappointing.

Rating: 3 Stars – See my rating system.

Owned: Yes. Maximum Pop! Books sent me one before the publication date.

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Recommended for: Bored people, teens that used to read Jacqueline Wilson and realistic fiction lovers.

This book was my first ARC! Have you read it and did you like it? And did you ever read Jacqueline Wilson when you were younger?

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