Things wrong with beauty and the beast

Watching this film again as a 15 year-old, I remember some of the issues I had with it as a cute kid that I tried not to think about too much. Well, watching it again has just reminded me of those problems again… And here’s just a few of them.

How much freaking staff did the Beast have?


All the staff were turned into some household item right? Teapots, cups, candlesticks, clocks, and just look at that gif…THAT ITSELF IS MORE THAN ENOUGH SERVANTS! Don’t even forget the dusters and wardrobes… The only way I can think of this without freaking out is that other household items without faces were all magically enchanted to become animated… Speaking of household items…

Why is a little boy being used as a teacup?



So they’re picking him up by the NOSE and drinking out of him… What does the sippy hole translate to in terms of human anatomy?? The top of his head? People are picking a little boy up by the nose and drinking out of his head? AND WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT MASSIVE CHIP??? None of his siblings have it. WHY DOES HE? Is it brain damage?? Or is this how a little boy’s bumps and bruises show up when they’re a teacup? A giant crack on the head. Yeah, totally makes sense.

Where’s your bed gone? Did you not have a cot when you were human? That alone is enough to fit you ALL comfortably. Don’t even start making excuses about not being able to get up there, because you had no problem getting up into a cabinet. Oh and what the hell did your siblings do all day?

How did not one know about this?

Beauty and the Beast Castle Gif

A giant castle within walking distance away apparently and NO ONE knew? THIS GIANT MONSTER OF A THING – A CASTLE AND NO ONE KNEW? Oh and apparently the Beast is royalty and he’s called “Prince Adam.” Yeah, so a prince – A DAMN PRINCE lives near a village in a giant castle and the people don’t know. THEY MUST HAVE KNOWN. He turns into a beast and magically disappears and NO ONE NOTICES? That gif is giving ACOTAR feels by the way, even if Tamlin’s manor looks nothing like that in my head.

Beast's Castle

No one is going to let an old hag stay in their home.



It’s not a sign of unkindness or no love. It’s just simply that no one is gonna let some creepy shady old lady stay. I don’t care if you have a nice rose or not, go away. Just because the prince said no, it doesn’t make him someone without love. He was probably right to anyway BECAUSE UM LET’S SEE, YOU WENT AND CURSED ALL HIS SERVANTS AND THEIR KIDS. Anger issuuuuuuues….


Oh and by the way, HE LETS HIS SERVANTS’ KIDS STAY. And if you didn’t see how many teacups there were, SCROLL UP. AND THAT’S JUST PART OF THE CUPBOARD. Think about how annoying they’d be. How loud and how much they’d be running about and probably playing hide and seek in the castle. It would be a really cute and peaceful image if the sound of kids didn’t make my skin crawl.

Oh and another thought, why is the prince answering the door? Where are the servants? Because apparently he has enough for 10 castles. I’m not even going to talk about how disappointed I was when the Beast turned back into a human again… You were so much cooler as a Beast.

These are just SOME of the problems I see with the film. I don’t care. I STILL LOVE IT. Do YOU have a favourite Disney film? Mine would easily be Beauty and the Beast or Mulan.

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  1. This was so funny to read 😀 Something that’s always annoyed me was that the prince was 11 at the time he was cursed. (Because he talks about how his 21st birthday is coming up, and Lumiere and Cogsworth say that they’ve been under the spell for 10 years.) Like, do you really expect an eleven year old to allow an old lady into his house? Come ON, he’s a child, he doesn’t deserve to be punished. Anyway, great post!

    1. Yes! That’s also been a problem for me! How about chip?? How old is he? And the artwork of the Beast that he tore up, it looked exactly like him when the spell broke!! WHAT A MATURE LOOKING 11 YEAR OLD!!!! The only way I can think of this is that the spell stopped people from ageing and 21 years didn’t mean his age but THEN WHY ISN’T CHIP MORE MATURE?? Too many questions. TOO. MANY. QUESTIONS…Anyways…I’m glad you enjoyed my post haha

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