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Bookworms are hard people to shop for. Unless you buy them a giftcard but ehhhhhh – you could always opt for something with a little more meaning… A book is always a great way to go, but unless you live with them or know their bookshelf off by heart, that’s risky… You never know if they have the book or not or if they even have an interest in it! In this post, I will be mentioning some of my favourite bookish items that are great as gifts! (I personally wished that these items were gifted to me *sighs*)

HHA with TMI

Happy Hello Art

Happy Hello Art is a little shop tucked in the corner of Etsy and run by Vivi. Her bookmarks are easily the best out of all of the magnetic bookmark shops there. She designs them herself and they are soooooo cute! Many of them are characters from books and I AM OBSESSED. Quality wise…They aren’t the best and do get damaged. They’re not made out of paper, but photo paper with a plastic coat. They’re great for stringing up on a line on your shelf but also for usage! I personally hate anything of mine getting damaged so I prefer keeping them in a book safe and staring at them weirdly every now and then. Vivi even does custom orders and I had one of me made hehe Sounds self-centred I know, but I like the idea of living with my favourite characters…

Price: Affordable 🙂 Bookmarks come in sets of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. No matter how you choose to buy them, bookmarks always work out to less than £2 each. Postage starts at around £3 and have never gone higher than £6 for me. I’ve placed orders twice and each time, I make sure to buy them in bulk.

Some of the series Happy Hello Art has bookmarks for:

  • All Shadowhunters series
  • Harry Potter
  • The Raven Cycle
  • The Lunar Chronicles

Link to the shop here!

2 Sarah J Maas Candles

The Melting Library

Another brilliant brilliant shop! This one is perhaps for more sophistocated readers although the candles are from many different fandoms and books too. I own 2 myself in different sizes. Raquel sells her candles in either 8oz or 2oz sizes although if you opt for 2oz, you have to buy 4. They’re so cute! I haven’t burnt The Spring Court yet but I have burnt the Fae Warrior candle. It’s a very light, natural smell AND I LOVE IT. I get to fangirl and imagine Rowan is with meh. *flails with happiness*

Price: Postage is crazy crazy CRAZY expensive to the U. K. In total, I have to pay nearly £25 to get a 8oz candle to me… *cries ugly tears*

A few fandoms the shop caters for:

  • Harry Potter
  • Game of Thrones
  • Throne of Glass
  • The Lord of the Rings

Link to the shop here!

Rowan Focus

On that note, let me finish off with another pretty picture of their things.

Think you’ll be getting these for yourself or a friend? 

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  1. oh! these sound like nice gift ideas 😀 esp the first one, the second i’m not too keen on for myself bc i just don’t like things like scent candles and perfumes (things that have a smelling component) bc they can get pretty strong (even the light stuff) lol

    1. Yayyyyy welcome! The first one is great if you’re on a budget! They are soooooooo cute as well *^* I wish I was given these as presents lol – haha I included these two very different things to appeal to different people so I’m glad you found something you liked 😛

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