Coolest thing EVEEEER! I was invited to participate in a time capsule campaign to celebrate the release of The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood! (Thanks Macmillan!) I’ll be posting my review of the book soon!

I was asked to put together a personal time capsule, in honour of a similar event that happens in the book! (Sorry guys! You’ll have to read it to find out!)

So without further ado, let’s get onto the actual post!


Let’s just say that I’ve been planning to do a time capsule for a while now. I remember doing one when I was about 10 (?) and I found it a few years ago, when I was 12. It didn’t really work out for me because well…I put junk I wanted to get out of my way in there. XD

This time I want to do it properly!

The photo doesn’t show much of what I’ll be putting in there, because well, I didn’t want a cluttered photo hehe


Most time capsules would have photos. Starting a blog, and a bookstagram to go along with it meant that I now do a lot more photography then I did before. From blog graphics, to another post on Instagram: photography suddenly become a part of my life. Before, I used to just whip out my phone for a quick snap, but now I actually plan my photos. I’ve included some photos of really cool events that has happened recently. And silly photos to just laugh at and reminiscent when the time comes.

A Letter

You can’t have a time capsule without a letter! I’ve written a letter to the future me and have kinda rambled on a bit…It’s slightly over a page long. (Whoops!) Aside from a writing a normal letter, I’ve also included a few lists in it. (You know I love lists…I couldn’t help myself!) I’ve included things like, my favourite books, my favourite songs, my favourite pieces of music, my favourite foods, my favourite anime etc… You get the point.


I’ve developed a thing for postcards lately and have been buying a load! No, I don’t send them to people. I stick them up on my wall in front of my desk. My favourite ones always have typography and a really nice scenic background. Sometimes I feel like I should actually be using my postcards instead of just submitting them to the torture of being stuck on a wall. Oh well. Maybe one day. Sorry guys, you’re just gonna be stuck up there until I see fit.

Paper Flowers

I’ve been making these for a while now and I’m running out of colour matches! I have a load of these flowers in a really nice gift box I bought especially for them. Aside from paper flowers, I also put in an origami wolf I made to signify my undying love for them. I also added in a black origami crane to stand for a crow. I don’t know how to make a crow. I wish I knew how though. Might search it up later.


I love stationery. Who doesn’t? I only added in a notebook, because I couldn’t decide which pens to add in.


It was hard not to add too much! I have loads of bookmarks and I took quite a while deciding which was worth putting in the box! In the end, I settled for a few I had picked up at libraries and events. And some that were either bought or given to me as gifts.

Music Sheets

I’ve put in a few pieces I currently like to play either on piano or on the flute. I’m hoping when I discover this time capsule in the future, I’ll take the music sheets out and play them again. Hopefully I’ll enjoy them as much as I do now. A few sheets of music I would like to play also found their way into it. Hoping one day I’ll be good enough to play them…

Super Happy Fun Fun Stuff!

I couldn’t help it! I added in a few toys I liked. Some anime merchandise found there way into it and stickers! STICKEEEEERS! I love them! Just random bits and bobs that make me happy basically!

So that’s my time capsule!

I’m now looking for a good, sturdy shoe box to put all my things in, a good hiding place and once I do that, my time capsule will be officially sealed and completed! So excited to finish this! And am even more excited at the idea of finding it again in the future! I’m hoping I’ll find this in 5 years. 5 years.

I’m just scared that my “hiding place” will be too good and I’ll never find it again…*sighs*

I hope this post has inspired you to make a time capsule too! They’re great fun! You could ask friends or family to contribute to it as well and one day, when you discover it, you can all share the joy! 


3rd May 2016 – The Day I Made A Time Capsule


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