Why I Naturally Leans Towards Fantasy

Not sure if you can tell from my blog (lol who am I kidding? it’s obvious) but I naturally lean towards fantasy.

It’s weird, because at first, the only stuff I would ever read was the Rainbow Magic books. (I had a weird obsession with them fairies – DON’T JUDGE ME.) And it wasn’t until later that I expanded and moved onto Horrid Henry books.

Then I made a crazy jump and moved onto Jacqueline Wilson books. That was the start of my contemporary journey.

Jacqueline Wilson

Maybe the reason I don’t pick up many contemporaries nowadays is because of that. (Midnight had always been my favourite of her books although I really liked others too.)

Oh my word what am I on about? I haven’t even spoke about what I was meant to yet.

I guess the reason why I naturally lean towards fantasy is because it’s sort of like escapism for me. Sometimes I think the reason I read is to get away from my current world, my current life. I would travel but I’m a skint teenager so the only other option is to read.

Reading contemporaries feel too close. The things that happen could very well be happening in my own world, maybe to me.

I read to travel. To live another life different from my own. A life filled with magic and adventure. (Plus there are way more hotter guys in fantasy. Just saying. *cough* Rhysand *cough*)

Everytime I read a new fantasy novel, I always imagine myself as part of that world and I start imagining what powers I would have. (Fire? That’s cool. Water? That’s cool too. Darkness? HELL YES. Healing? Maybe…Eating an entire banquet? YUSSSS.)

I love reading about politics and wars. I love seeing it all from the main character’s point of view. Especially if it’s a girl because it makes it more real to me and sometimes when I get way too into it, I forget that we’re different people. Yeah that happens and it’s weird.

But yeah, I love walking into new worlds. New worlds with different rules and systems. Worlds with different people.

Do you like fantasy? What’s your preferred genre and why?


3 thoughts on “Why I Naturally Lean Towards Fantasy”

  1. I definitely gravitated towards fantasy when I was younger (my favorite books were Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings) but now I read a mix of a bunch of different genres. Whenever I’m feeling like I could use a pick me up, though, I always pull out a beloved fantasy book. There’s just nothing like escaping to a magical world, even for a few hundred pages 🙂

  2. i love fantasy books for pretty much the same reasons but also because i can’t really read another type of book? others like contemporary/anything that can happen in the ‘real world’ just seem kind of boring to me xD but if it has a touch of fantasy of it, even if it’s a little i tend to gravitate towards it

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