My rating system consists of 5 ninja stars.

5 Stars – Perfection! Probably added to my favourites list! I am already itching to read it again! I wish it didn’t have to end! Would definitely buy it if I haven’t already and you should too 😛 I’m not gonna stop raving about this book XP AHHHH EVERYONE READ THIS NOW!

4 Stars – Brilliant! Will reread this again someday! I hope there’s a sequel! I enjoyed it despite flaws!

3 Stars – It’s not too bad…I like some of the characters and will read it again in the future if there’s really nothing to read and I’ve read my favourites another 5 times.

2 Stars – Myeeeeh I don’t recommend it. Kinda bad. Disappointed and very likely to never read it again.

1 Star – Awful. Terrible. Ugly. Will never want to see it again or touch it. Burning this book if I unluckily had it. If I see you with this book, I’ll throw my shurikens at you.

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