Let’s play BINGO! The aim is to complete as many tasks as possible before the event is over! Fingers crossed! ><550

Progress: 3 out of 9

Visit 5 new blogs

Some new blogs I have found through this event:

Library Huntress

Library of a Book Witch

Books & Tea

A Reader Under the Sea

Heir of Books

Participate in one other challenge

Find 3 new Instagram accounts

Leave a comment on some of your fave blogs

Tweet 3 fave authors

Watch 3 vids from new youtubers (and follow)

Dedicate a blog post

Colour hunt

Purple: The Girly Geek

Pink: Princessica of Books

Blue: A Reader Under the Sea



0 thoughts on “B-I-N-G-O || Love-A-Thon 2016”

  1. Aww, that is so cool for tweeting your favourite authors and finding new blogs!! I love the Library Huntress too. 😀 And omg, Cassandra Clare and Leigh Bardugo are AMAZING AND I WANT ALL THEIR BOOKS OF EVER. *flails*

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Thanks for stopping by too! 😀
      Yes I love them!!! I’m gonna meet Cassandra Clare in April and I’m so excited! I’ve this bookmark that I made that I’m trying to get all my favourite authors to sign hehe So far only Leigh Bardugo and Brandon Sanderson.

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