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First, let’s get this out of the way. Rhysand. IS. MINE.

Got it? Yay now we can get talking.

Why are people complaining about Tamlin’s character? ACOTAR already foreshadowed it. It’s not unrealistic. Sarah had it planned from the beginning and dropped hints throughout ACOTAR.

“Just do it.” His canines began to lengthen. My heart leaped into a gallop. “Don’t come out until morning.”

Can we talk about Rhysand and his respect for Feyre? He didn’t want her to just be his wife or consort. He wanted her to be High Lady. An equal. He didn’t control Feyre either. He gave her a choice in everything, in small things like dinners to bigger things like missions. He didn’t coddle her and tell her she was too weak to do it, he let her decide. He let her wander around the city. Speaking of the city… *shrieks and flails* I WANNA LIVE THEREEEEE. Reading is hella dangerous. It makes me hate this world more and more ;-;

And I love Rhysand’s inner circle!!! #SquadGoals *sighs* I LOVE THEM ALL SOOO MUCH!!!

Thinking about the more serious side of things though…


Feyre is dealing with depression, PTSD and on top of that, has an abusive relationship to handle. She’s strong, and you can see her change slowly but surely throughout the book. I love how Feyre is so strong but she’s not the typical “Strong Badass YA Heroine.” Heck, this ain’t even YA. She’s not a Celaena. She can’t wield a sword and cut off 10 heads in cold blood. She killed 2 Fae and freaked out about it. She can’t do flips and beat an army up. She’s different. This doesn’t make her any less strong.

Sarah J. Maas presented mental illness in a fantasy novel, and I can’t say I’ve seen many of them around. If any. I think it really gives us something to think about. It hit me hard as I was seriously not expecting something so raw and hard and it was a lot more effective I think. While it’s nice to read about ass-kicking and heads flying off, it’s quite refreshing to have something that’s not like that once in a while.


Rereading bits of ACOTAR here and there, you can see that he wasn’t the best. Maybe it’s because I’ve read ACOMAF. The relationship between Feyre and Tamlin was never portrayed as negative in ACOTAR. That’s what I find interesting. The books are told from Feyre’s point of view. Victims never see themselves as people in abusive relationships. Feyre romanticised things. She didn’t know what to expect. It wasn’t until Rhysand dropped hints and treated her right that she realised things weren’t right.

ACOTAR with too many ornaments


Rhysand was there for Feyre when she vommitted, when she woke up burning the bed at night. He held her hair as she vomitted, helped her breathe and JUST HELPED HER. And can we just remember how she didn’t have nightmares when she first slept at the Night Court? The place was well ventilated and open to her. She didn’t feel trapped. In my opinion, it might have also been because she was a) close to her mate and b) she knew she was home.

“And I realized — I realized how badly I’d been treated before, if my standards had become so low. If the freedom I’d been granted felt like a privilege and not an inherent right.”

Rhysand was there for Feyre while Tamlin wasn’t. Tamlin pretended he didn’t see anything. They never spoke about the events either. Tamlin didn’t help her. Whereas with Rhysand, both him and Feyre bared themselves.

And that brings be to another point. Feyre and Rhysand were friends. They had each other’s backs. They trusted each other. THEY WERE FRIENDS. I think that’s what made relationship so damn good. Tamlin and Feyre didn’t even have a friendship. It was just sex. Not even real sexy sexy fun times. Remember the night before Feyre should have died? TAMLIN JUST CORNERED HER AND GROPED HER.

My favourite little bits though:

  • He dreamt about Feyre for THREE YEARS before they met.
  • He sent her thoughts of the Night Court and she painted them on her drawers.
  • Feyre was gonna give Rhys food before she knew about the tradition and his shock OMG

AND YOU WANNA KNOW SOMETHING??? I. AM. TERRIFIED. ABOUT. CALANMAI. What’s gonna happen??? She’s back at the Spring Court. Calanmai is coming…WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN??? I’m hoping feyre can spin a story about being scared and not ready and needing time to recover after what “Rhysand did” at the Night Court. I AM SCARED.

Oh and allow me some space to rant about Lucien and Elain. What. What the hell. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM???? I thought mating bonds were rare??? Why did something just randomly pop up out of nowhere?? To be honest though, part of me predicted it. Either though it totally does not make a word of sense.


Rant. Over. What did you think of the book? Do you have a favourite out of Rhysand’s Inner Circle?

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