how did you find favourite books

My first discussion post! And today we will be discussing how you found some of your favourite books!

Did a friend recommend it? Or did you just pick it up on an impulse? Maybe it called out to you? You know the way books do? That forlorn cry they do, begging to be picked up.

For me…

Skulduggery Pleasant:

Actually this one is a funny one. I first picked it up in 2012. I had this book token and I was planning to get “Where’s Wally?” but they had none left… ;-; I HAD to use my book token though and back then, I didn’t really want to pay extra for another book. The special Skulduggery Pleasant book Derek Landy had specially written for World Book Day was all that was left. Literally every section on the shelf was filled with it. I was so damn annoyed because I saw the cover and thought it looked really childish…I’m sorry, I judged books by covers. Never again. Anyways, I picked it up without a choice and took it home.

I sat down and started to read. I was so hooked and laughed so damn hard. It was the first book ever to make me laugh that hard! After that, it lingered at the back of my mind and when I went to the library the next day, I found a SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT BOOK! Obviously I picked it up and took it home. Bad news: it was the fifth book in the series. Even worse? I didn’t know until I had finished it…So that’s the story of how I found Skulduggery Pleasant.

ONE MORE! I have loads of stories but that’s gonna make a really long post. So…just one more short one? XD

The Grisha Trilogy and Six of Crows

I have to say thanks to Stephanie of Canada here! We met online through gaming and started chatting. We found that we were so similar! She recommended Shadow and Bone to me and I immediately ordered it off Amazon. Without even checking the storyline or anything properly. Impulsive. That’s what I am. This was back when Leigh hadn’t even published Siege and Storm yet and Shadow and Bone was very new. So yeah, after that, I’ve been an avid fan of hers and will read anything of hers. Hell, I ordered Six of Crows without checking it either.


How did you find some of your favourite books?!

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