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After reading so many books, there’s bound to be some things I want. I mean, it’s natural, right? If you could travel to any universe, and sneakily steal something from them, what would it be?

I’ve made a list of what I want here. The list was originally made of 10, but I realised that that made the list a tad bit too easy, and well…I’m a masochist…I WOULD SELL MY SOUL FOR THESE THINGS

5. The Invisiblitiy Cloak from the Harry Potter series

Imagine the amount of things you could do with this. I could sneak away, hide, and generally cause trouble without being found unlike Harry….


4. Cortana from The Dark Artifices

A sword that can cut through anything. Damn. Plus, Emma is pretty much at the top of my favourite female main character list. If you haven’t seen that post, then link is here.

3. The Elder Wand from the Harry Potter series

Any wand will do really. Actually, maybe not the Elder Wand after all. I don’t wanna constantly look over my back. But with a wand, I would actually be a witch and I would actually go Hogwarts and ace Defence Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguartion. Maybe Charms too. Potions too. I would fail Herbolgy and Divination though.

2. A Stele from the Shadowhunter Chronicles

Maaaaaaaaan. I want this. *Grabby hands*

If I had this, then I wouldn’t have to worry about broken bones and wounds. If I had this, then I probably won’t even get this because I could draw Agility runes and Sure-Footed runes. Yes, I want this. Assuming I’m a Shadowhunter already. I know I am. How? BECAUSE I CAN FEEL IT, OK?

1. Lerasium from the Mistborn trilogy

WITH THIS I COULD BECOME A MISTBORN. I COULD FLY OVER ROOFS. I would be practically invincible. I could Push a nail into someone’s head. I could Riot someone’s emotions. I could make time pass more slowly inside a bubble around me. I could do so many things.

So here’s my list of 5. Some other items I considered:

  • A Mistcloak from Mistborn
  • The Mortal Cup from the Shadowhunter Chronicles
  • The Mockingjay pin from The Hunger Games
  • The Pensieve from the Harry Potter series
  • Butterbeer from the Harry Potter series
  • A Firebolt from the Harry Potter series
  • Dauntless cake from the Divergent trilogy

How about you? What are some fictional items you want from books?


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