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So now that I finally have your attention. Here’s the news.

I’m going self-hosted and I’m changing my blog name!!!!!

Yep. Not joking. This took A LOT of planning, and it was all a bit hectic, BUT I’M FINALLY DOING IT!!! AND MY BLOG WILL LOOK FAAAAAABULOUS and I’m gonna look legit as hell. And as for my new blog name…

Stars And Above 4

Tadaaaaaaa! (I’m still a ninja, don’t worry. I’ll just be going undercover from now on. Oh look. You even get a little sneak peek *wink wink*)

My new URL will be and it’d be completely redesigned! I am SO crazy excited about this and so can’t wait for you all to see it!!

And now that I’ve finally got the big pieces out of the way, let’s get on to the details.

I’ll be going live on the 7th of September.

SO PUT THAT DATE IN YOUR DIARIES GUYS! Mark it on your calendars, set an alarm, BECAUSE IT IS A SPECIAL DATEEEEE! Well for me anyway. I did all of the above. You should follow my example and do that too 😀

Once I have finished setting up my new blog, there will be a giveaway!

The giveaway will be international and the winner can choose a book up to £10 on Book Depository!

The rules are simple, you must be following my blog, my twitter and must RT the tweet that will go up on the 7th! Be sure to follow now so you don’t miss anything!


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