Actually really annoyed at myself for my inability to be organised and actually get these wraps up on time. *bangs head on desk*

Super proud of this picture so please take a minute to admire it. *sprinkles glitter over picture and frames it*

  • The Memory Book By Lara Avery – Thank you Scholastic for the surprise package!
  • Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
  • The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette De Bodard
  • 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough
  • Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell – Thank you Maximum Pop! Books and Little Tiger Books! I won this book and the 2 below during their Christmax! giveaways so I was pretty hyped up! (They also sent me chocolate, warm socks and a BATH BOMB so YES I WAS ONE HAPPY PERSON.)
  • I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Various Authors
  • Fir ARC by Sharon Gosling
  • The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare – Ok I know I already have the series BUT LIKE, I’VE BEEN COVETING THESE COVERS SINCE THE BEGINNING BUT THE FULL SET WAS TOO EXPENSIVE. *strokes covers*

I actually didn’t get ANY books at all this Christmas. Only what was sent to me, and what I bought. I got money though, which as you can see, I spent ALL on books, and a game. *facepalm*

New Year’s Resolution: Save money.

*secretly orders more books online*

And in case you were wondering what game I got?

POKEMON MOON OF COURSE. (I’ve finished it already. May or may not have stayed up till 3am. Shhhhh…)

My white puzzle I ordered a while ago finally came from Japan. AND I WAS SO HYPED.

Years ago, after I saw Near from Death Note do a white puzzle, I became OBSSESSED with getting one. Years later, I finally got one and it was only 108 pieces 🙁

I promised myself I would get the 1000 piece white puzzle if I could do the one I got. And well… It was disappointing how easy it was… TIME TO ORDER THE 1000 PIECE WHITE PUZZLE~~~~

*goes on Amazon and orders more books*

News/Cool Stuff

  • Passengers came out and I really wanted to watch it. Still do. But then people took to Twitter to screech about the creepy plot… Still wanna watch it. Bit apprehensive. BUT IT STILL LOOKS COOL. AND I WANNA SEE CREEPY PLOTLINE MYSELF BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW WHY I JUST DO.

What Have I Been Up To?


But first the not so good stuff…

I finally went to the doctor’s about my wrist and knee, and they took one look at it, told me it was swollen and sent to me to the hospital to get an X-Ray. Results came back, and they showed happy bones, so now I’m stuck with 2 old injuries and still confused as to what IS WRONG WITH ME. Now it’s to the physiotherapist for me. #NinjaLife #NotSoGlamourous

Oh and MAY also be going to the doctors again for possible diagnosis of ADHD because I CAN’T SIT STILL AND FOCUS plus many other reasons. And it’s making me panic like crazy because this is the first time I’ve had to revise properly and I have never noticed that I actually can’t. And books? I can for hours if it’s a book I’m seriously in love with (hyperfocus?) but otherwise, I can’t. I read and I stop. I get distracted. I have to reread bits. Remember how Stealing Snow took me something like a month?

BUT yesterday I FINALLY figured out a way for me to revise, but it included a lot of shouting about the actions of Stalin, swearing and throwing stuff around my room. My brother thought I had gone mad. BUT HEY, IT WORKED. I ACTUALLY REMEMBERED WHAT STALIN DID AND WHO HE HIT AND SLAPPED AND PUSHED OFF THE GRAND HIGH CHAIR OF POWER.

Oh and earlier this month, I also had work experience as a laboratory assistant, and basically, I find out that I NEVER want to be a lab scientist.


I think I prefer being a ninja. (Actually when I was like, 6-7 being a lab scientist was all I ever wanted to be. What was I thinking? O.o I was so innocent.)

My supervisor who was in charge of me was super mean. Everyone else were angels. My supervisor basically did everything to get rid of me, and at the end of the work experience week, she “advised” me to not pursue a career in science as I apparently suck at it.


During out interview before the work experience bit, I gathered there was a big mistake because she kept thinking I was doing my A Levels, and I apparently am their second GCSE student in the entire history of the lab according to this guy. So, brilliant.

She had super high expectations of me, made me sit at a computer for hours, analysing data and trying to figure out something I didn’t even get.

I HATE SITTING STILL FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME. THANKS FOR THAT. Also her colleagues came over while my supervisor was away, and chatted with me, and basically looked over my work. They were shocked because that was what was expected of THEM. AND THEY HAVE PHDs. I explained how she had wanted me to read uni research papers and college textbooks before I went there, and they were all legit SHOCKED. (How do I understand that stuff??? How do I even ACCESS this stuff???) They then explained that this wasn’t that surprising actually coming from her, because (and I quote) “she has unrealistically high expectations of people” and “can be quite inconsiderate.”

Pros of this all:

  • Never going to be a lab scientist
  • Also another person mentioned that I seemed super hyperactive during an experiment. It was with a really nice guy that actually let me do it while he recorded results and he mentioned that I haven’t stopped moving around the station at all for the 3 hours we were doing it. So yeah, this kickstarted my freaky reflection on everything and I realise what I thought normal may not be, and how I have always been like this. Then I looked up symptoms and *gasp and scrolls down list * MATCH MATCH MATCH MATCH~

End of Year Reflections

Wow damn. This is one hell of a long post.

2016 has been one crazy year. So many bad things have happened.

I’m still blogging. It’s been a year since I started. Wow.

2016 has been a year of many firsts for me. I definitely grew a lot this year (Not height wise. We do not talk about height here…) and I also learnt a lot! I made friends on Twitter as well, which I never thought possible.

2017 will be another rollercoaster for sure. So I’m all ready with my knives and books, SO COME AT ME 2017. I AM READY.

There’s no promises that 2017 will be better. I mean, in 2016, Donald Trump won the election. He’s actually going to be PRESIDENT in 2017.

So yeah, what do we do? Since it’s pretty much confirmed, I’m just going to strap myself into this seat, and deal with this ride. Who knows what will happen?

Maybe books will be banned. Maybe a nuclear war will start. Maybe my head will fly off while I’m on the rollercoaster.

So I’m just going to dive head first into 2017 like any ninja would (prepared of course, and armed TO THE TEETH) and hope for the best. If 2017 throws something at me, you bet I will THROW IT RIGHT BACK at its face.

Damn. That was long.

Tell me your highlight of December/2016 and are you looking forward to 2017?

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